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Having the correct tackle is always important.  We have taken the time to give you some information on what you might need to make your trip an enjoyable one.

Fly Rods

8 - 10 weight

Beach, inshore and boat casting for medium sized species to twenty pounds

10 - 12 weight

Inshore and offshore casting to larger dorado, jack crevalle, bonita, for football size tuna

12 - 15 weight

Offshore casting to larger tuna, marlin, sail fish

Fly Reels
Fly reels should be matched to rods in weight and line capacity. Reels need to have a good quality drag system and capable of holding a minimum of 250 yards of 30lb dacron backing or 350 yds of gel spun backing.   There are many reel manufactures on the market today that have a big selection of reels.

Fly Lines
Most individuals who fish in the salt water envoirnment  prefer one of the following lines:  Floating, Floating Intermediate, Full Intermediate or a sinking line.  Then some anglers prefer throwing shooting heads with a monofilament backing or a fly line backing.

Selecting flies for any trip is half the fun of planning the trip.   There are a lot of great patterns on the market today.  I would say when selecting flies, select a wide variety of colors, such as white/tan, white/olive, white/black, etc...Ask your trip coordinator what flies they prefer.   My in preference is the sea habit white knight, sea habit sardinas, “wiggy” airhead, bait fish patterns the colors mentioned above, ALF’s, top water poppers, crease flies and dahlberg divers.

Fly Fishing Accessories

  1. Sunglasses

  2. Hat

  3. Hook sharpener

  4. Fishing pliers

  5. Leader Material

  6. Extra Fly Lines-Two of the most common sizes

  7. Leader material-12 lb, 16 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb and 100 lb.

  8. Smaller sizes in Fluorocarbon

  9. Sunscreen-50 or 60 spf

  10. Camera-extra batteries, film or digital storage cards

  11. Stretch wrap medical tape for fingers

Fly Fishing Clothing

  1. Technical fishing shirts-longsleeve and breathable

  2. Shorts-comfortable with pockets and fast drying

  3. Windbreaker or waterproof shell

  4. Pullover sweatshirt or Fleece shell

  5. Rain pants or fleece pants-early boat rides on cool mornings